Western & Wildlife Art

The Creativity of Tim Joyner

Growing up in Montana, Tim has always had close ties to the land. He depicts the landscape and wildlife that he loves with humor and accuracy. There is often a contemporary twist in his work that warms the soul. As an art educator, he was able to share his passion for the arts with his students. Among his artist friends, he is known as “The Warhol of Western art”, and for good reason.

Tim Joyner’s love of Fishing, Wildlife, and Cowboys is reflected in the subjects he chooses to sculpt and paint, often in unique or humorous ways.    

Archival Canvas Prints

Archival canvas prints are made using an archival quality canvas that has no optical brighteners added. Optical brighteners are chemicals that make the prints look good at first, but gradually deteriorate and shorten the life of the print. They also change how the print looks under different kinds of light.

The inks are archival Epson Ultrachrome pigment inks, the best available. The canvas is coated three times (3x) with an archival acrylic coating that makes the canvas more durable, waterproof, and stain-resistant, and filters out harmful UV light that could damage the prints.

Lithographic Prints


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